is a magically scenic spectacle of music, dance, words and light. I call it a World Musical Vision. It is an international music project hovering between dream and reality, a subtle mystery play of fantasy and visions.

blends the soulfulness of popular and classical music with African and Arabian sounds. It is a timeless music full of warm and sincere feelings. Elegiac songs with string section arrangements intertwine with cascading drum rhythms to create a picturesque sound collage.

is set in the world of politics and showbusiness. Its plot tells a story of power and betrayal, and the all-conquering power of unconditional love. At center-stage we find an acclaimed composer, a power-hungry impresario and media mogul, his daughter and his vain campaign manager.

1OO MUSICIANS FROM 16 NATIONS collaborated on the album (excerpts). They hail from Argentina, Benin, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Israel, the Ivory Coast, Kuwait, St. Lucia, Romania, Senegal, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey and the United States.