"... a fabulous world music revue..."
(Berliner Morgenpost)

"...'Think big, not small' seems to be the motto of this production. Olivier...invited musicians into the studio that are otherwise associated with the likes of Prince or Santana...The result is an exciting mixture of orchestrated pop songs and powerful world music hymns..."
(Weser Kurier, Bremen)

"Thomas Olivier returns with an extraordinary new project...Artists from countries as Argentina, Ghana, Colombia, Israel and Jamaica have donated their individuality, musicality and their special charms to the project..."
(Ruhr-Nachrichten, Dortmund)

"...A brilliant choice of instruments and a perfect creation of musical moods grace this production...The songs possess such a modern appeal that some of them might even sneak into the charts."
(Darmstaedter Echo)

"...the essence of a music that knows no boundaries and is the language of all men alike..."
(Tagesspiegel, Berlin)

"...What I heard impressed me...It sounds very different from what I have heard and seen before, and it conveys a special kind of message that is not "just" entertaining. It could fill the void that presently exists..."
(Gondrand de Bruycker, director)

"...This work belongs into the CD players of all that are open-minded, as well as into the class-room..."
(Rock News)

"...Beautiful and exciting at the same time. It is neither ethnic music nor world music. The rain dance, performed with authenticity, melts harmoniously into the work's original compositions..."
(Rheinische Post, Duesseldorf)